Meet the Inceptors

Inceptors are current Georgia State University students who serve as orientation leaders and assist new students and their families during the Incept experience.

Inceptor shots (14-0381)
Eugene Butler
Political Science
Camilla, Georgia
Advice: Utilize all of your resources, and aspire to become a resource yourself!
Inceptor shots (14-0381)
Quyen Chau
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Advice: My advice to you is to be informative and to take chances.
Monica Edelhoff
Film and Video
Atlanta, Georgia
Advice: Look for events that are happening on campus and attend at least five. One should absolutely be a Panther Prowl! Also make a friend because college would be pretty boring to do by yourself.
Brandi Giles
Bowie, Maryland
Advice: My best advice for new students is to stay true to yourself but remain open to growth.
Mistie Gilreath
Rome, Georgia
Advice: Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try to something new. You will have so much fun getting to know people that you never thought you would.
Christian Hicks
Criminal Justice
Jackson, Mississippi
Advice: Know when to turn up! Know when to turn down!
Tre Landry
New Orleans, Louisiana
Advice: Have a set goal in mind before matriculating into college. Make sure it’s one that you’ve made of your own accord; one that makes you happy regardless of others’ opinion.
Domonique Marseille
Douglasville, Georgia
Advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there is someone else that has been in your same position before and take advantage of all the resources that are available to you at Georgia State.
Kyle McNatt
Kennesaw, Georgia
Advice: Get involved with Greek Life. It is a great way to meet students with the same interest as you and it opens doors to other clubs.
Breeana Minton
Tyrone, Georgia
Advice: Take care of yourself. Make the time to focus on your mind, body, and spirit so that you are fully able to maximize your opportunities at Georgia State.
Cynthia Pham
Cynthia Pham
Applied Linguistics
Gainesville, Georgia
Advice: Be sure to manage your time wisely because time management is very important in college and focus on the important things first. Try not to procrastinate!
Fatoumata Sacko
Fatoumata Sacko
Antioch, Tennessee
Advice: Put yourselves out there, showcase your talents, and challenge yourselves. It’s not inclusive social bubbles like high school; don’t be afraid to try out for the cheer-leading team and the engineering club.
Zenaida Torres
Zenaida Torres
Philosophy & Public Policy
Dalton, Georgia
Advice: College is one of the biggest transitions of your life, you need to keep an open mind and get involved in new things. Expanding your ideals is a perfect way to find yourself, and relate to others.
Alexandria Williams
Alexandria Williams
Warner Robins, Georgia
Advice: Listen to yourself. Be aware that life is constantly happening around you so be open to all it’s new experiences.