Incept Basics

Incept Basics

From Incept dates and fees to parking and transportation, there are many things that you must consider and plan for as you prepare for your Incept: New Student Orientation experience.


You have several Incept dates to choose from depending on your classification and/or term of enrollment.
Incept Fees

The registration fees for Incept vary depending on the type.
Incept Schedule

From touring the campus to receiving academic advisement and registering for classes, Incept has an informative and interactive Incept schedule planned for each program type.
Check-In, Parking & Directions

Check in, Parking, Directions
Incept check-in times, locations, parking, and directions to campus are all important pieces of information that help students have a successful Incept experience.

Incept Accommodations


Find accommodation information if you need to stay overnight before or after your Incept day.
Student Checklist

Student Checklist
What am I forgetting? There are several things you need to remember when preparing for your Incept experience. Make sure to take a look at our checklist for your Incept day.

New Student Orientation provides helpful information to the most frequently asked questions.
Incept Registration

Ready to register for Incept? If so, here you’ll learn how to officially register for your Incept day.