Family Weekend 2013

Parent Relations

Parent Relations, a unit within the Office of Student Involvement, is dedicated to encouraging mutual understanding and facilitating communication between families, students, and Georgia State University. Parent Relations actively partners with students’ parents and families to support students’ academic success and personal development.  This is because the University understands the integral role that parents and families play  in the success of students. Through programs and initiatives, Parent Relations is committed to involving and connecting parents and families of Georgia State University students to the Panther experience. Parent Relations ensures that parents and families have a direct contact to the campus community, keeping them informed on the issues that affect Georgia State University.

Parent Relations hosts a number of major events and programs throughout the year. We hope that you will take an opportunity to attend or participate in as many ways as possible. The list below is just the tip of the iceberg of what the year will hold for Parent Relations. It is our goal to provide opportunities for parents and families to stay connected and involved.

Major Events and Programs

  • Incept: New Student Orientation
  • Parents Association
  • Family Weekend

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Parents Association

Goals of the Parents Association
Sharing - A common experience with Georgia State University parents
Connecting - Parents to the Georgia State University Community
Involving - Parents in the Georgia State University experience of their students

Purpose of the Parents Association
The purpose of the Georgia State University Parents Association is to provide parents and families of Georgia State University with a special connection to the University, and to help parents to share in the lives of their students.

Events sponsored by the Parents Association

  • Parent nights at sporting events
  • Family Weekend
  • Community Service Day

Visit us again soon for more information about the Parents Association or how to join.

Family Weekend
Family Weekend is a great time for all Panther families to come together. There are exciting events planned for you and your student on our beautiful urban campus. This event is sponsored by Parent Relations and the Parents Association. Each year you can look forward to educational classes, tailgate, football, and other social events. It is our goal to show parents, families, and guests a sample of the academic and co-curricular atmosphere where your student is able to live, learn and grow.

Visit us again soon to find more information about Family Weekend.


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