Transfer Incept

Transfer Incept: New Student Orientation

New transfer students can pick from two different Incept programs. Each Incept covers the same orientation information, but each has a different structure.

Incept Transfer Express: This condensed four-hour program of orientation activities is designed specifically for transfer students seeking a basic introduction to the University, focusing primarily on academic advisement and course registration. Check in for Transfer Express is 7–7:45 a.m. in the Student Recreation Center (101 Piedmont Avenue). Transfer Express will last until 12:30 p.m.

Freshmen/Transfer One Day: This is a full day of orientation activities and is designed for students who are unable to attend Transfer Express programs or would like a more in-depth introduction to the University. Students are strongly encouraged to attend a transfer-specific Incept over the Freshmen/Transfer One Day option. Check in for Freshmen/Transfer One Day Incept is 7–7:45 a.m. in the Student Recreation Center (101 Piedmont Avenue). Freshmen/Transfer One Day Incept will last until 5 p.m.  Please note that there is no Transfer Express option during the Freshmen/Transfer One Day program.

Note: New transfer students entering in the summer semester will only have the Freshmen/Transfer One Day Incept to choose from.

Georgia State has designed a mandatory online pre-orientation to help new transfer students understand more about Georgia State policies and procedures. For more information, go to Online Pre-Orientation for Transfers.